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Cartoonist Scott Adams on Why Passion is Often Overrated

Cartoonist Scott Adams on Why Passion is Often OverratedCartoonist Scott Adams on Why Passion is Often OverratedCartoonist Scott Adams on Why Passion is Often OverratedRead an excerpt from Scott Adams new book on the blog. Blaszczyk, Managing Editor, Resource CenterScott Adams, creator of the iconic cartoon series Dilbert, knows a thing or two about success and just as much or more about failure.Luckily for us, he shares it all in his new book, How to Fail at Alfruchtwein Everything and Still Win Big (Portfolio, 2013.)Adams is candid about his failed corporate career, flat-lined inventions and investments and how he conquered a variety ofhealth problems. His book is a study of how failure can lead to success by cultivating the right skills along the way.An entrepreneur at heart, Adams remains humble, attributing his good fortune to luck as much as anything else. In this interview, he reveals his latest business venture, along with insights about work, life and health, and successfu lly balancing them all.Monster Your book is a personal exploration of your own career development and life philosophy. Whats been the feedback?Adams The early reviews have been terrific. This is my most personal book, and the first time I have written a book designed to help readers navigate life. So the great feedback is extra rewarding in this case.Monster You prefer to use systems (which provide immediate feedback) instead of goals. Does that philosophy run counter to how most companies track progress?Adams Most companies and most individuals are goal-oriented. I think our minds are wired to make that the default strategy. You imagine what you want and then you chase after it. The problem with chasing a specific goal is that the odds of obtaining it are probably low compared to the system approach that prepares you for a wider variety of opportunities.For example, instead of having a goal of getting your bosss job someday, it makes more sense to have a system of continuously lear ning new and complementary skills. That way youre prepared for any number of jobs and you dont have to wait for your boss to die.Monster You recommend that people pay themselves $100 to remove each unnecessary word when writing a resume. Do you use that rule when writing Dilbert?Adams The idea is that you shouldnt include unnecessary words in your writing. The imaginary $100 payment for each word your remove is a mental trick that helps you get there. But if you think in that way long enough, it becomes second nature.Monster Whats the most difficult part of creating a great cartoon the words, the images or getting them to work together?Adams The hard part is picking a topic that hasnt already been worn out. Once I have a fresh topic, the writing and the art happen easily on most days. The benefit of being a one-person operation is that my writing style and my drawing style work well together because they spring from the same set of preferences.Monster Employers are looking to hire passionate employees. Yet you say thatpassion is overrated (you actually use a more descriptive word.) Should both parties rethink the concept?Adams Successful people like to say their secret to success is passion. In my experience, success requires energy, a good strategy, hard work, and a lot of luck. If your plan starts to make you rich, youll probably be passionate about it. But passion generally follows success it doesnt cause it. I think successful people say passion is the key to success because almost any other answer sounds arrogant.I know a guy who got rich selling doorknobs. Was he passionate about doorknobs? Probably not. He welches just a smart guy with a good plan and enough energy to make it happen. And I assume there was some luck along the way. No passion required.Monster You talk a lot about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, yet many people work long work hours with long commutes that lead to stressful eating and little exercise. Whats the solution?Ad ams For starters, recognize that your health is your primary economic asset. That understanding makes it easier to insert exercise and healthy eating into your schedule.Keep in mind that healthy people are more productive. And if being fit makes you more attractive, that has an economic value too. If you work a bit less so you can exercise a bit more, you probably come out ahead in the long run.It also helps to have a long term strategy of someday enjoying a more flexible schedule. That might mean someday working for yourself, or it might mean having a boss who cares more about your productivity than your attendance.Monster You last worked in the corporate world in 1995. How do you stay current with work trends?Adams I get a lot of suggestions by email. And as you might imagine, everyone I meet has a work story that they think would make a good comic. They are often right.Ive also been working on an Internet start-up for the past two years, so Ive been living and breathing that life . (Its called CalendarTree.comand will be available in beta when you read this.)Monster Has the workplace changed much over the past few decades?Adams Technology always changes, and management fads change, but the way humans act in a hierarchy almost never changes.Monster What about management skills. Has the dynamic between managers and employees changed significantly?Adams The balance of power shifts with the economic climate. In boom times, such as the dotcom era, good employees are in high demand, and managers have to be generous to attract and keep them. In periods of high unemployment, management has all the power.Monster You describe your career in corporate life as a failure and yet you were promoted and moved up the ladder. Were you living example of what would later become The Dilbert Principle?Adams My career got stalled at the first level of management in my banking career. And I never managed people during my phone company career that followed. My pay went up with each promotion but I never got to a full Dilbert Principle level of management incompetence.Monster Is there any plan to write a follow up to your 1997 book, The Dilbert Principle?Adams After The Dilbert Principle came out, everyone seemed to ask me for my suggestions to fix all the problems that I mocked. I resisted that urge for years because I didnt want to become the sort of management guru I mocked. With the new book, my focus is on motivating individuals and not management, so it fits me better.Monster What would it take to create a more productive office space and if that happened, would you be out of a job?Adams Productivity always improves over time as companies experiment and they observe best practices in the industry. And of course technology always marches forward. I dont see productivity as being much of a problem.The bigger problem is when management focuses on productivity to the point of evil. As long as that keeps happening, Ill have plenty of material and plenty of p eople who want to read it.Author BioScott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, one of the most popular and widely distributed comic strips of the past quarter century.He has been a full-time cartoonist since 1995, after sixteen years as a technology worker for companies like Crocker National Bank and Pacific Bell.His many bestsellers include The Dilbert Principle and Dogberts Top Secret Management Handbook. His latest book is HOW TO FAIL AT ALMOST EVERYTHING AND STILL WIN BIG Kind of the Story of My Life. He lives outside San Francisco.Images used with permission. Copyright Scott Adams, 2013.Read an excerpt from Scott Adams new book on the blog.

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Phlebotomist Resume Reviews & Guide

Phlebotomist Resume Reviews & Guide The Most Popular Phlebotomist Resume If you would like a phlebotomy technician job seriously then you ought to use an ideal phlebotomy resume. Phlebotomy is a rather exciting career with a surprising collection of job opportunities, and when you have the right certification required by your state to work in phlebotomy, you will discover there are quite a lot of options that are available to you. Phlebotomy resume making is not really a challenging job, but instead a tactful one. Phlebotomist Salary A phlebotomists salary can fluctuate widely based on many factors, but before we dig into the typical phlebotomist salary (and suggestions to maximize it), lets quickly examine the work outlook. You can also incorporate internships if theyre applicable. When choosing or searching for a new phlebotomy job, make certain to thoroughly examine any additional benefits the job might consist of such as Employee Stock Options (ESOP), a matching 401k, et c, which might net tens of thousands annually. Its difficult to find straight phlebotomist jobs. Phlebotomist Resume Secrets If you opt to eventually become ASCP Licensed in phlebotomy, then you may perform mora duties. A resume thats well written is extremely important. Locate the ideal Phlebotomist resumesamples to help you better your own resume. Writing the ideal Phlebotomy Resume can be a difficult job, but all you should do is to adhere to an established pattern. The Benefits of Phlebotomist Resume Despite the fact that the significant differences arent in the format they could be in the details you put in your phlebotomy instructor resume. There are lots of resources that may be utilised to create a resume using a resume template. Grow that post it can make it possible for you to get data that individuals provide. The Appeal of Phlebotomist Resume Simply speaking, the above are a few of the tips we find helpful in preparing a great MA resume. Phlebotomists in per forming their duties utilize a fleam to conduct a blood-letting approach. Additionally, you can cancel at any moment. An excellent phlebotomist CV example is offered below for you to appear at. You may use the chance to discuss why you admire the business youre applying to, or you could expand on an unusual project you did. There are scores of unique approaches to design your resume. Regardless of how its not always necessary, you have the capacity to to opt to incorporate some references in the base of somebodys own resume. Regardless of how it isnt always mandatory, you have the capacity to to choose to incorporate a few references at the base of your own resume. Be detailed and informative once you write off your work experience. Always remember youre going for work in the medical business and thus its important to write down about whatever you can about what you know and exactly what youve already done. Needless to say, an expanding job market means more people will be considering the area, so competition will nonetheless be fierce. You will see several job opportunities for individuals with phlebotomy certification and additionally the livelihood is one of the fastest developing available in the business today, and also so for a good deal of it really is on occasion an extremely great possibility to find a beginning in the medical planet. Hearsay, Deception and Phlebotomist Resume There are particular essential principles that one needs to remember while building a resume template. Possessing a straightforward Phlebotomist resume objective will help you to get the ball rolling in the perfect direction. The resume objective statement should have the work objective of the applicant and have to have the ability to define the intent of applying as well. Knowing the fundamental steps of writing a good resume does not signify you have to write alone. Want to Know mora About Phlebotomist Resume? Make sure to produce a compelling case as to why y ou need to be hired for the position. You do not have to write whatever isnt tied to the position youre applying for. As you look for a work experience position, you wish to be sure you tailor your cover letter to the particular position. Together with a compelling cover letter, youll certainly land a position for a phlebotomy technician with a well-written resume. Lets look at how to compose your very own professional medical assistant resume. Your professional summary is your opportunity to demonstrate an employer which you would be an excellent fit for the job. Following that, describe other essential abilities and experience necessary to do the job for which youre applying. Highly motivated to acquire a responsible position for a pharmacy technician in a facility where my expertise and experience can be used in addition to enhanced.

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Email Is Antiquated All Aboard the Automation Train

Email Is Antiquated All Aboard the Automation Train In the 1980s, everybody thought that by 2016 wed be driving flying cars, riding around on hover boards, and making conference calls on video screens. Weve accomplished two of those so far and even though our cars dont fly yet, they arelearningto drive themselves but whyhave we been so slow toadopt similarly advanced technologies in the realm of business processes? There has to be a better way to conduct internal operations, right?HR departments especially could benefit from a more streamlined approach. Much of what HR does involves employee paperwork. Typically speaking, that paperwork is either distributed via email,dropped off at employees desks, or housed in some central location where employees can go to find the forms they need. The dicke bretter bohren mssen with this arrangement, of course, is that there are plenty of opportunities for critical paperwork to get lost along the way. And, if emp loyees feel like the whole thing is a hassle, theyre more likely to skip the paperwork altogether, no matter how important it is.How can tech make internal operations easier and more efficient for everyone? Cloud-based IT service management solutions provider Samanage has an idea streamlined internal service delivery via automation.With Samanages help, U.K.-based water supply and treatment company Yorkshire Water has built a system of more than 100 automated self-service requests designed to improve and track internal processes within almost every department of the organization. Yorkshire Water employs more than 2,500 people, which means the implementation of this system welches a major project but it was well worth it, according to Tom Reid, one of Yorkshire Waters software integration analysts.One of the main reasons we implemented automation was because of the continued increase in HR and IT task loads, Reid says. Other than email, we didnt really have a way to track all the ser vice requests coming in.Its easy to lose track of or ignore an email. Weve all been there before. Now, imagine you have a company of 2,500 and only a handful people available to handle HR and IT tasks for all the people in your organization.Things are going to get lost in transit.According to Reid, the automated self-service system has made it much easier for HR and IT departments to track and respond to requests An individual can use the main service center to request flights and travel, a new ID card, business process managementthe simple, straightforward requests.Not everything is automated, however Reid says that knowing which tasks are appropriate for self-service and which require HRs direct involvement is key.More complex matters like change of salary and occupational health remain HRs responsibility, Reid says.But allowing employees to make their own direct service requests in many areas eliminates the hoop-jumping often bogs down HR and overall business production. Addition ally, moving with the satz of technology, employees in the field without direct office access can make or check on requests directly from their smartphones or tablets.These service options have opened up a path towardmore precision in the workplace and less hassle for those fulfilling requests definitely something wed all love to have.For Reid and Yorkshire Water, one thing is certain Transitioning to automation has allowed themto come out of the dark ages, so to say.Welcome to the light, fellas.

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5 wellbeing tips just in time for Mental Health Day

5 wellbeing tips just in time for Mental Health Day5 wellbeing tips just in time for Mental Health DayGrowing up in todays generation can be fraught with new pressures and stresses, particularly with social media which allows us to be on and contactable 24/7. This can have an adverse effect on young peoples mental health, and working out what life is all about and wherbeie one is heading can ignite stress and worry.WithWorld Mental Health Daynext month (October 10th), TVpresenter, counselor and best-selling author,Anna Williamson, has given us her top tips on how millennials can take better care of themselves.Here are Annas top tips on how young people can manage anxiety1. Dont measure yourself social media is full of perfect images and its important to remember that a lot of what you see on social media is enhanced and doesnt represent the norm.2. What are YOU good at have a think about your unique qualities and celebrate them. Maybe youre good at sport, baking, writing, singingwhat ever your talent (and you will have one) embrace it and nurture it3. Digital detox it might sound horrific but give yourself some decent space from your devices each day. They can become addictive, can fuel paranoia, and we lose sight and track of everything else, the real stuff, that is going on around us.4. Keep active it can be so tempting to go out just that one more time, or enjoy another Netflix and chill evening on the couch, but the best way to keep our mental health in fine fettle is to embark on some daily exercise too. Have a think about what you could do?5. Surround yourself with good people toxic friends? People who bring you down or make you feel bad? Time to ditch anyone who makes you feel rubbish and doesnt bring anything positive into your life. Choose friends who have similar interests to you, respect and appreciate who you are, and who make you feel happy.This article was originally published on

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Wearables Help the Blind Walk

Wearables Help the Blind Walk Wearables Help the Blind Walk Wearables Help the Blind WalkFor people who are blind or visually impaired, options for walking and traveling the streets are beginning to change. Canes and seeing-eye dogs are not going away, but new technology drawn from robotics and sensors from autonomous vehicles are poised to help the visually impaired move about at greater ease. In one development, sensing systems using LIDAR, echolocation, and infrared technology translate data to tactile information as vibrations. One New York City startup is fitting this technology into clothing where imbedded sensors pulse and vibrate to inform users of obstacles in their path.Called Eyeronman, the system is fitted into two wearable items of clothing an external vest that has embedded sensors to gesangsknstler the users environment, and an internal belt fitted with vibrating elements that translate the data to tactile information. Based on where the vibrations are felt and their s peed, a user can figure out the direction of an obstacle and the speed in which it is approaching.Were now building a functional prototype wearable that can sense 120 degrees of the horizontal field and 120 degrees of the vertical with a ten to 18-foot range, says Dr. J.R. Rizzo, founder and chief medical advisor of Tactile Navigation Tools, and assistant professor of rehabilitation medicine and director of the Visuomotor Integration Laboratory and the Technology Translation in Medicine Lab at New York Universitys Langone Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. It is similar to bumper sensors. The chirp scales up when the object gets closer.Rizzo, who developed degenerative vision loss at an early age, conceived the idea while in medical school studying multi-sensory integration. I welches looking at sensor fusion, using sonar buttressed by RADAR or LIDAR, and integrating it into something meaningful, he says.Getting to this point has taken a few years, a partner and an education in building a business. One of his first actions was signing up a computational neuroscientist, Todd Hudson, a research scientist at NYUsCenter for Neural Science, as technology advisor. They then took advantage of NYUs Technology Transfer Office within the Stern School of Business, along with its W.R. Berkeley Center for Innovation.Through the school, they received help in developing their business plan and were introduced to business advisors and potential investors. They learned how to pitch their business through competitions, such as the labs $200,000 Entrepreneurs Challenge. We were not a finalist, but we did receive some grants, and put in our own money, says Rizzo.The introductions produced not only seed money but professional advice and staffing. As a startup, money for research and development as well as salaries is scarce, so the kollektiv offered equity stakes in the firm to attract and compensate senior expertise in engineering, business management and medical knowledge. Some work piecemeal, or as needed. In addition, Tactile Navigation Solutions works with two other firms as independent contractors.The system components. Image Tactile Navigation ToolsWe run pretty light, says Rizzo. In one month we may have ten people working on a project. The next month, after those tasks are finished, maybe we have only two. This allows us to direct cash to research and development.Down the road, Rizzo envisions taking the Eyeronman platform to a fully connected 4G, Wi-Fi system with a headset or form of auditory communications. The goal is to have a vest and belt fitted with a complete multi-modal system, he says.The Eyeronman system now is fitted with LIDAR, the same technology used in autonomously controlled vehicles to recognize obstacles, like a bat or dolphin with echolocation, says Rizzo, who complains that the sightless have been left behind, using canes developed in the early 20th Century, while medical technology provides sophisticated prost hetics or other products to those who have lost limbs or the use of limbs. Sensors then convert that information into something meaningful.For instance, the system would detect an obstacle on the users upper right and convert that into vibrations in the upper right portion of a T-shirt or vest made of electro-active polymers. Studies have shown parts of the brain used to process visual information are used to process auditory information in visually impaired people. That plasticity allows a blind person to train themselves to recognize shapes a blind person could walk by a car and feel it by vibration, forming the beginning of a vibratory library.Rizzo says the system can also be adapted for use by police or firefighters working at night or in situations where vision is impaired, such as a burning building. It also holds potential for soldiers in combat. The system can be fitted with fire-retardant materials or a bullet-proof vest, he adds.Eyeronman is powered by a lithium-ion batte ry and Rizzo says the konzept has evolved substantially since the company was formed in 2013. Provisional patents were filed a year earlier. Early designs substituted LED bulbs for vibratory actuators and designers have experimented with the number, array and position of sensors.We have to deal with efficiency from a temporal processing standpoint, Rizzo notes. We have a foundation that can be modified for each user but we still need to create a stable platform for the sensory scheme, to create a scaffolding that you can put into a wearable article of clothing. You also have to account for pitch and yaw, and realize that someone can turn their head.Rizzo says the system now works when someone fitted with it walks at a slow pace. The goal is to have it work while walking at a normal pace, but some technical difficulties need to be overcome. Ultrasound operates at the speed of sound, but you still need to wait for the chirp off of the echo, he says, adding that theyve had to work to m inimize crosstalk and outside noise from sensors.Still, When people put this vest on, nothing is average, he claims. You turn the system on and have people walk an obstacle course and people understand, they pick this up almost instantly. You can now walk in one direction and put your torso in another direction and recognize objects.Rizzos goal is start commercial production in 18 to 24 months. After that, he hopes to add cloud-based software to deliver voice messages through a multi-modal system. That would be a development to bring technology for the visually impaired into the 21st Century.Learn the best practices of bringing your research to market and creating marketable solutions at ASMEs COMS 2016Were now building a functional prototype wearable that can sense 120 degrees of the horizontal field and 120 degrees of the vertical with a ten to 18-foot range.Dr. J.R. Rizzo, founder, Tactile Navigation Tools

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How to Improve Your Job Search in 5 Minutes

How to Improve Your Job Search in 5 MinutesHow to Improve Your Job Search in 5 MinutesMost of ushavebusy lives with little time to spare each day. So the idea of learning a new trick or skill to improve your job search probably seems out of the question, right?WrongAs it turns out, there are lots of simple tricks and skills you can easily pick up in less than five minutes that will pay off big time in your search.Here are some easy ways to improve your job search in less than five minutesLearn peoples names.Remembering names takes some skill. It doesnt come naturally to all of us.But in your job search, its imperative that you remember the names of key people (i.e., your interviewer, thoseyou meet while networking, etc.). You wouldnt want to thank Jim for the great job interview, only to later realize his name is John, would you?There are some easy tricks for remembering names that only take a few minutes to learnFirst, before you meet someone, compartmentalize your emotions and focu s on making a good connection. Box up that stress, nerves, and excitement and deal with those emotionslater. If youre too distracted by your feelings, you wont be focused enough to remember anyones name.Next, put all of your attention into your introductions. When you hear the persons name, repeat it back (Nice to meet you, Matt), and stay focused while you say it. Another tip is to associate the name with something like a relative, a celebrity, or some funny image or saying. For example, Lisa likes lollipops or Chris collects coins. Try thinking of something funny to make it stick.Learn to speed read.Job searching means youll be reading more than usual. There will be a time and a place to really concentrate and understand what youre reading and there will be other times when you are just looking for quick information. If you want to increase your reading speed, try skimming.First, know what information youre looking for in a text or a book. When you abflug reading with an intent yo ull be more likely to find what youre looking for and comprehend it better.This will be impossible with fiction books, but with online articles or a non-fiction book,you can try this trick.Then start skimming the page by quickly looking over the article or page. Look for keywords that match your intent. Then go back to those important parts and read it well. If this leads to another interesting topic youd like to learn about you can follow up on them later.Start your day with a question.Job searching is a challenge, right? A great way to overcome challenges is asking forward-thinking questions to start taking action. The morning is an optimal time to ask these types of questions because youre still in a dream-like state connected to your subconscious.When you first wake up ask yourself what you want to work on that day. What possibilities can you think of? Put your focus on the future and potentially positive outcomesUse the R.A.T.S. method on your resume.R.A.T.S. stands for Results , Action, Task, and Situation. Employers want to learn about the results you delivered in previous roles so they can envision you delivering those same results attheir company. When recruiters or HR skim your resume, show them the good stuff first Sure theyll want to hear about how you got there, but leave that for the interview.So for each bullet on your resume, think about how you can tweak them to follow the R.A.T.S. method. Take five minutes to scan your resume for all of your results. This will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to explain the actions you took, the tasks you completed, and the types of situations you were in.Prepare S.O.A.R. responses for your interview.S.O.A.R. stands for Situation, Obstacle, Action, and Results. Its the opposite of R.A.T.S. Now that your resume shows your best results, its time to put some S.O.A.R. stories together.For example, lets say your R.A.T.S. statement is something like this Grew the companysfollowing 40 percent by managing itsF acebook group through daily interactions and curating content on the customers pain points. Your S.O.A.R. response is a story about how you made this possible. You set the scene (the situation), give them the challenge (the obstacle), state how you became the winner (the action steps), and show how you succeeded (the results).unterstellung five tips mentioned above are quick and easy ways to ensureyour job search is on its way to improvementStart Your Job Search